Center for Environmental Applications in Remote Sensing


The laboratory is equipped with 22 networked (1 Gbit) precision workstations (15 Quad core Xeon with 64 Gb ram, 7 Six core Xeon with 128 Gb ram) a high end large format printer, and a complete suite of image processing (ENVI, ERDAS Imagine) and associated software, including compilers (IDL, Absoft Fortran, Matlab, Visual Studio, Python), statistical packages (R, SAS), and GIS (ESRI products).

Capability for measuring and integrating in situ measurements is provided by a RIEGL laser scanner, a full range ASD FieldSpec3 spectroradiometer, roving GPS base stations, and an electric remotely-piloted vehicle capable of carrying a 12.5 kg sensor payload. The center maintains an extensive image archive of Landsat (>350) and MODIS scenes, most of which are made publicly available through our leadership of the VirginiaView consortium.

Cheatham Hall